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Dialysis Bandages

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Dialysis Pressure Bandages

Dialysis Pressure Bandages It can reduce pressure time over the traditional tape and gauze plus seals and isolates the site securely on all sides. They are versatile and may be used on most venous and arterial dialysis and blood sampling sites. Sure Seal Bandages are suited for people with sensitive skin or latex allergies. Back by popular demand, East India Supplying SURESEAL CLASSIC Pressure Bandages, which contain latex Some patients prefer the faster acting adhesive of the SURESEAL CLASSIC. Each box contains 100 bandages. Available in Large and X-Large.

Know About Us

East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd is a leading source provider, Dialysis Pressure Bandages, presenting health, safety and hygiene products. It is recognised as a brand leader in quality products at a competitive price in global perspectives. This made our path more easy and trouble-free in this segment of health, safety, hygiene and clean room products for many years. Due to which, in spite of extensive competitiveness, East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd controlled both local and international markets successfully. The prime motive of our organisation is to present certified and qualitative CE and ISO certified products. This uplifted our brand image and reputation within the minds and hearts of the customers. So, regardless of our origin, the customers approach us from various regions.

Dialysis Pressure Bandages

How to Use

sureseal how to use

sureseal how to use


Before removing needle, the health care practitioner should peel off one of the two release papers from the adhesive portion of the SURESEAL Pressure Bandages.


The puncture/gratt site should be covered with the cellulose sponge portion of the SURESEAL Pressure Bandages, securing the first side of exposed adhesive to the skin next to the site.


The healthcare practitioner should remove the needle while at the some time covering the puncture site with the cellulose sponge portion of the SURESEAL Pressure Dressing. Be caretul not to put too much pressure on the site while the needle is still inserted as this may cause the gratt to be punctured or damaged by the needle.


Once the needle is removed,the healthcare practitioner should immediately apply direct downward digital pressure to the cellulose sponge while removing the second peel-otl release paper. The second adhesive portion of the dressing should be firmly attached to the skin.


All sides surrounding the cellulose sponge should be smoothed down to help ensure complete sealing around puncture site.


The healthcare practitioner should continue to apply steady digital pressure to the sponge tor l-2 the minutes as the sponge fills and expands. The patient should then continue to apply digital pressure tor an additional period of time until the that the bleeding is under control.The patient is not to leave the bandage on tor over 8 hours.

Dialysis Pressure Bandages

Advantages of SURESEAL Self-Activating Pressure Bandages:

  • Expands to Apply Pressure
    • SURESEAL cellulose pad expands on contact with blood to several times its original size
    • Adhesive strip securely seals the pad on all four sides to help protect the site from leakage
  • As pad continues to expand, dressing creates and sustains the direct pressure to help reduce clotting time
    • Discrete.
    • Sterile.
    • Self-activating.
    • Comfortable.
    • Expands to apply pressure continuously.
    • Seals & isolates site securely on all sides.
    • More effective alternative to gauze dressings.
    • Versatile — can be used on most venous and arterial dialysis and blood sampling sit.
  • Benefits for Physicians, Nurses, Caretakers, and Dialysis Clinic
    • Saves on material and labor costs.
    • More time for personalized patient care.
    • Helps improve staff & unit efficiencies and economies.
    • Demonstrates commitment to improved patient care.
    • Instructions and packaging in 12 languages.
  • The Compact Pressure Dressing That Gets Your Patients Home Sooner
  • More Time For Patient Care
    • Fast, positive-acting post-dialysis wound dressing allows patients to ambulate in less time than traditional tape-and-gauze bandages
    • SURESEAL can reduce nurse or technician direct pressure time by up to 44% over standard methods
    • Patients can leave your clinic sooner, comfortably
  • Patient-Sensitive, Cost-Effective
    • SURESEAL helps reduce chair-time, material costs, and staff hands-on monitoring
    • Helps improve staff and unit efficiency
  • Patients who have used SURESEAL prefer it over traditional tape-and-gauze dressings


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