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Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Hyderabad are widely used in different industries for storing primary or end products . These tanks can be fabricated from stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum based on the application of the tank. Our Storage Tanks are specially designed to ensure hygiene of products by maintaining sterile environment. The stored product in the tank remains free from the contamination. These machines have an excellent finish and are easy to clean.

The importance of having secure fuel storage is crucial. Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Hyderabad is one of the best all tanks supplier in Hyderabad producing the highest quality of storage tanks for your fuel. milk, chemical, water reserve needs. Our steel tanks come in different sizes and widths allowing you to get the one ideal for your needs. We also make container pans to fit in the fuel tanks to prevent waste and spillage. This way you can save money as well as utilize the entire supply. Though all of our products are new.

Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Hyderabad has stayed in the forefront of the constantly changing steel storage tank technology and this leadership role is reflected in customer satisfaction of our products. STMH is extremely proud of being able to produce the best steel tank available at one of the most competitive prices. Whether your needs require a vertical or horizontal tank, single wall or double wall tank. All tanks can be manufactured with either carbon steel or stainless steel material.

Feel free to browse the individual product pages to the left or click on the types of tanks below for more specific manufacturing information for the steel storage tank that applies to you. If you aren’t sure what is the best steel storage tank for your application, give us a call. We take pride in providing our customers with personal service, plain and simple.

Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Most fuel companies bring their fuel in 4,500 to 7,500 gallon tankers. To maximize savings on your fuel delivery go with a tank at least 15-20% larger than what they will deliver. For example, if you purchase a 6000-gallon tank, you can utilize a full 4,500-gallon tanker plus have some fuel left over with room for fuel expansion.

Local regulations define whether you require containment for your tank. For most rural applications, a single wall tank will suffice. For city or areas with high regulatory requirements, a double wall tank may be required. We offer various kinds storage tanks manufacturers in Hyderabad that are available in different capacities.

Reliable : Point level detection with WHG

Cost Effective : Excellent material and process compatibility ensures long service life and uninterrupted operation

User Friendly : Standardized housing and adjustment concept

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