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Reactor Manufacturers in Hyderabad The batch reactor is the generic term for a type of vessel widely used in the process industries. Its name is something of a misnomer since vessels of this type are used for a variety of process operations such as solids dissolution, product mixing, chemical reactions, batch distillation, crystallization, liquid extraction and polymerization. In some cases, they are not referred to as reactors but have a name which reflects the role they perform (such as crystallizer, or bioreactor)

we are offering an unmatched range of Process Reactors. Having capacity ranging from 100 liters to 20,000 liters, these reactors are manufactured using quality approved stainless steel and mild steel that are sourced from reliable vendors of the industry. Provided with a rubber lining brick lining and the lead bond, our offered reactors are manufactured in compliance with the industry guidelines.

The advantages of the batch reactor lie with its versatility. A single vessel can carry out a sequence of different operations without the need to break containment. This is particularly useful when processing toxic or highly potent compounds.

Reactor Manufacturers in Hyderabad

A Reactor is essentially an industrial “pressure cooker”, where the contents (such as pharmaceutical powders and API’s) are sealed and transformed, under pressure and/or temperature, to a new desired substance.

Reactors are a critical and very important element in production lines in modern process plants and are widely used in the fields of petrochemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, food, dyes and scientific research.

The reactors, in which chemicals are made in industry, vary in size from a few cm3 to the vast structures that are often depicted in photographs of industrial plants. For example, kilns that produce lime from limestone may be over 25 metres high and hold, at any one time, well over 400 tonnes of materials.The design of the reactor is determined by many factors but of particular importance are the thermodynamics and kinetics of the chemical reactions being carried out.

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